• Technical Parameters
    Specs of commutator
    Technical parameters

    Hot-state overspeed revolution test


    Outside diameter
    Less than Φ28mm

    Rotate speed is 45000 RPM. Last ten minutes.
    Radial transformation is less than 0.01mm
    Outside diameter
    Rotate speed is 40000 RPM. Last ten minutes.
    Outside diameter
    Rotate speed is 35000 RPM. Last ten minutes.

    Outside diameter

    Rotate speed is 30000 RPM. Last ten minutes.
    Limit deviation of the commutator internal hole
    All specs
    With bushes: H7 
    Without bushes: H8
    Deviation of the reversing piece to commutator axes
    All specs
    Nominal insulation thickness between pieces is less than 1/3
    Dielectrical strength
    All specs
    Between pieces 400V/1S 
    Piece to hole 4000V/60S
    Without breakdown and short
    Insulation resistance
    All specs
    Insulation resistance between the room temperature commutator piece and internal hole≥150MΩ